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Updated September 2020

Chapter One – Your SWOT Analysis

What Is a SWOT Analysis? (B-plans)
How to Perform a Marketing SWOT Analysis (Mplans)

Chapter Three- Developing Your Market Niche

How and Why to Develop a Niche (from Inc.)
8 Steps to Niche-ify Your Marketing (from Heidi Cohen)
Developing A Niche Market Successfully (from Business Class)
Pros and Cons of Niche Marketing (from SCORE)

Chapter Four – Becoming a Recognized Expert

Should You Let Someone Pick Your Brain For Free? (Next Avenue)
How to Become an Expert (from Psychology Today)
How to Become an Expert in an Hour (from Entrepreneur Magazine)
4 Easy Ways to Become an Expert in Your Field (from Forbes)
How Hard Is It to Become an Expert? (from Very Well Mind)

Chapter Five – Expanding Your Target Audience

Employers as a target audience: 10 Ways to Attract New Patients from Key Local Employers
Unions as a target audience: List of duties for union stewards reflects the challenges they face (that you can help them with.)
Financial planners as a target audience: Retirees Are Confused About Medicare. Here’s How Financial Advisors Can Help
To find Strategic Partners, do searches using the potential partner title and “directory”. Examples:
• care managers – search for “care managers, directory”
• mediators – search for “mediators, directory”
APHA members have access to podcasts on these topics. Log into your membership website ( and search for Expert Call-ins and Webinars.

Chapter Six – Client (Customer) Service

The Six Basic Needs of Customers
Ten Rules of Client Service
How to Deliver Great Client Servicing
Survey Applications:
Survey Monkey
Free Online Surveys
Survey Planet

Chapter Seven – Public (and not so public) Speaking

Excellent newsletter for speakers advice and tools: SpeakernetNews
How to Give a Killer Presentation (Harvard Business Review)
How to Present to a Small Audience
Best Ice Breakers for Meetings and Training Classes (
The Most Powerful Ways to Start a Presentation (Inc Magazine)
How to Create Presentations that Don’t Suck
Potential Venues and Opportunities for Speaking Invitations
• Rotary, Elks, Lions, and other civic and service clubs
• Community groups like schools, libraries, or the Y
• Business groups, like Chambers, BNIs (business networking groups)
• Employers (check with the HR department)
• Hospital groups
• Unions
• Women’s clubs
• Country clubs and other private clubs
• Church, synagogue groups
• Support groups
• Attorney groups (esp those with healthcare-related practices)
Tools and Apps for Public Speaking
• Applications for creating slides include Powerpoint (Microsoft), Keynote, and Prezi
• Photos can be very inexpensive. Here’s a master list of free photo resources.
• And, if you need to make adjustments to those images (crop, resize, etc) here are some graphics applications to help you: Canva and Gimp
• Post presentation survey: see Client Service – Chapter Six above
(old!) Sample presentation: Patient Advocacy 101: working with health advocates in your hospital settingThis is a presentation I gave as a webinar to HCA Hospitals Risk Management department heads in July 2014. (This powerpoint requires software to see it. If you don’t have powerpoint on your computer, you can download a free viewer here.)
Sample Handout: 10 Patient Empowerment Tips for Your Refrigerator Door
(permission granted to use this handout as long as copyright and attribution remain intact.)

Chapter Eight – Refining Your Website

All the basics you’ll need for creating an effective website, SEO, content, and more can be found in the The Health Advocate’s Basic Marketing Handbook
New domain extensions: Here is a master list of new domains (called gTLDs – generic top level domains)
Learn more about Google Analytics: The Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics

Chapter Nine – Blogging

Domain names (URLs) can be registered in a variety of places: GoDaddy,, Network Solutions, many others, including your hosting company.
Blog platforms include WordPress, Substack, Medium, Tumblr, Movable Type, and others.
Wordpress can either be free, or you can host it yourself and control it yourself (see the reference in the book to digital sharecropping on page 126)
5 Ways To Ensure Your New Blog Gains Traction Fast
ProBlogger always has great advice: How to Write Great Blog Content
Images – see above – Chapter Seven – Public Speaking
Become an Authority Blogger: 3 Ways to Take Blogging from Hobby to Hot in 30 Days or Less
How To Get Your Blog Post Shared 1,000 Times

Chapter Ten – Social Media

Creating a Social Media Strategy
21 Rules for Social Media Engagement
Using Social Media for Small Business
How to Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Home Business
How You Should Be Using LinkedIn — But Probably Aren’t
Ten Ways for Small Businesses to Use LinkedIn
Facebook (Meta)
Grow your business from anywhere with Facebook
The Tricks You Need to Know to Use Facebook More Effectively
The small business guide to Facebook
Twitter for Beginners – 5 Things to Do as a New Twitter User
Get your business started with Twitter
Twitter for Small Businesses
Misc Social Media Platforms:
How To Use Pinterest For Small Business
Instagram for Small Businesses: Your New Best Friend
Get your small business started on TikTok
Measuring Your Social Media Reach
How to Track the ROI of Your Social Media Campaigns
16 Key Social Media Metrics to Track

Chapter Eleven – Email Newsletters

11 Free email marketing tools to save you time and money
US CAN-SPAM Act: Email compliance laws for businesses
Canadian Law: CASL – Canada Anti-Spam Legislation – Compliance Guide

Chapter Twelve – Miscellaneous Web Tactics

E-Book Resources
How to Write an E-book in 30 days (Copyblogger)
How to self-publish an ebook (CNet – includes links to e-book platforms)
DIY: How to Self-Publish an E-book (Publisher’s Weekly – includes links to e-book platforms)
Multi-Media (Video, Podcasts, Infographics)
The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing (HubSpot)
How to Use Podcasts to Market Your Business (Social Media Today)
The Ultimate Guide to Marketing with Infographics (Unbounce)
Online Resumes:
Web Advertising
Beginner’s Guide: 4 Essential Steps to Flawlessly Execute Paid Marketing Campaigns
How Web Advertising Works
Onine Support Groups and Forums
There are thousands of support groups and forums. The easiest way to find what you are looking for is to do a search for the name of the medical challenge, plus “support group” or “forum.” Here are two to get you started:
Daily Strength

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