About DiagKNOWsis Media

After her misdiagnosis odyssey in 2004 when Trisha Torrey, CEO of DiagKNOWsis Media, was told she had only a few months to live, she decided it was her purpose in life to do everything she could to help patients get what they needed from the dysfunctional American healthcare system.

image - Trisha Torrey
Trisha Torrey, Every Patient’s Advocate, and founder of DiagKNOWsis Media

DiagKNOWsis (prior to adding “Media” to its name) was launched in early 2005 to provide links to online resources to help patients research their diagnosis and treatment options, that they should KNOW more.

Today the name DiagKNOWsis has become synonymous with varied patient support activities, ranging from help for individual patients and their caregivers, to development of the largest and most comprehensive patient and health advocacy support organization in the world (The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates), to outreach to providers and their support teams to help them better communicate with patients, in order to improve those patients’ outcomes.

In late 2021, several of the DiagKNOWsis brands related to independent patient advocacy were transitioned to MyCare Alliance. Those brands included The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, the AdvoConnection Directory, and PracticeUP! Online.

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